1967 - R&D electrostatic repairs of equipment for Ransburg Electrostatic Company

1969 - Founded Volstatic - a new powder coating equipment supplier

1970 - R&D with Stelco for coloured wire-mesh for chain link fences including structural framework: introduction of coloured fence treatment.

1972 - R&D to paint metal office furniture on-site with epoxy

1977 - Designed and patented computer desk workstation

1978 - R&D to coat metal siding equal to factory finish with electrostatic process

1979 - Coatings developed for sidings for Loblaws and introduced specifications for others in the industry

1980 - R&D for drop on laminated desk tops

1982 - R&D for coating over anodized aluminum

1984 - R&D new coatings for lockers, washroom partitions, show stalls and other surfaces for Government and local Boards of Education

1986 - R&D and produced specification for Loblaws to coat food cases in their stores

1988 - R&D to coat anodized aluminum doors & frames at Pearson International Airport

1991 - R&D to pebble coat laminated ticket counters for Air Canada

1992 - R&D and produce specification for winter season coating of exteriors of No Frills network of grocery stores

1993 - R&D and product specification for coating Hitachi television screen frames

1995 - R&D and product specifications to coat sidings for all major grocery chains food cases, checkout counters and shelving units

2001 - R&D to coat interior and exterior washer and dryer drums for a major industry supplier


2002 - R&D to coat concrete block walls with breathable coating with 10-year warranty

2003 - R&D new stucco coat block walls and metal surfaces using spray mechanism and with appropriate equipment and application methods

2004 - R&D new stucco coat over large exterior insulated building panels for major builder

2005 - R&D WATERBORNE epoxy coating on food cases and checkouts for Metro, Sobeys and Loblaw supermarkets with infrared heating to accelerate curing

2006 - R&D to coat clear plastic with a sand blast look.

2009 - R&D on site electrostatic application of waterborne coatings.

2010 - Exclusive research partnership with the Government of Canada's National Institute of Nano Technology (within the National Research Council) to accelerate innovations using nan-enhanced materials.

2011 - Patent Pending - Coating Application

2012 - Patent Pending - Nano Materialization

2012 - Patent Pending - Product and Process

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