Hy-Power Coatings
Hy-Power is Southern Ontario's premier industrial coatings service provider. We serve a range of blue chip clients including: Loblaw, McDonald's, First Capital, HydroOne, Vicwest, Petroff Architects and WalMart. Hy-Power has an established 46-year track record of innovating and applying industrial coating solutions for business and government clients.

In 1966, an engineer from the Canadian Government's legendary Avro Arrow Program took his unique expertise in the design and application of coatings and incorporated Hy-Power Coatings Limited.
In 1975, Joseph G. Grzyb became CEO and principal of Hy-Power Coatings.

Over the years, Mr. Grzyb has led Hy-Power in solving customers' problems with a steady stream of innovations in product and application technologies. Joe has built a strong, tenured team of coating professionals who earn the loyalty of customers time and time again.

Being Responsible
Hy-Power operates as an environmentally responsible firm committed to reducing energy consumption and improving waste management in the industrial coatings sector. Hy-Power continues to help customers refine their use of environmentally-friendly WATERBORNE coatings that deliver quality finishes without harmful solvents.

Hy-Power Nano
In 2011, Hy-Power Nano Inc. was created as a subsidiary company to provide innovative leadership in the development and application of nano-enabled industrial coatings.

Hy-Power Nano is currently focused on developing "next generation" nanocoating products that can deliver exceptional thermal insulation benefits. Base nano formulations and manufacturing in liquid dispersion agents are core competencies of Hy-Power Nano. We seek initially to provide immediate and significant carbon footprint reductions for buildings; followed by innovations in the solar, plastics, automotive, oil & gas, construction and forestry sectors.

Hy-Power Nano works with best-in-class scientific and academic partners: the National Research Council of Canada's National Institute for Nanotechnology and Ontario's McMaster University. In 2011, Hy-Power Nano obtained $5 million in funding from private and government investors who share its vision.

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