Clear Liquid Solar Blocker

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Clear Liquid Solar Blocker
Clear Liquid Solar Blocker from Hy-Power is a first-of-its-kind all-Canadian Canada innovation that conbines Nanotechnology and clear waterborne coating that blocks the UV and IR part of solar rays. Clear Liquid Solar Blocker from Hy-Power can be applied to any glass surface, any glass geometry including skylights.

Product features and benefits:

• Blocks up to 60% of Infrared Heat
• Blocks up to 99.5% of UV
• All season interior comfort
• Lower energy utilization
• Lower CO2 emissions
• Allows 85% Light Transmission
• Best optical clarity
• Maintains excellent adhesion
• LEED compliant
Clear Solar Blocker

Field Application
Clear Liquid Solar Blocker from Hy-Power can be applied on-site with minimal disruption. It is an electrostatically applied waterborne product with no overspray with an impressive drying time within 30 minutes.

Research Results
According to University of Waterloo Solar Thermal Research Laboratory:

• The coating has no significant impact on the visible properties of the glass
• In the near infrared range the coating increases Solar Heat absorption. This reduces the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of the window. The degree to which this occurs depends on the details of the window construction.
• The results illustrate Hy-Power Nano Solar Blocker Coating provides Solar Controls while remaining highly transparent.
University of Waterloo
McMaster University

For more information, please download the Clear Liquid Solar Blocker brochure.

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